Luijendijk Coffee roasters - roasts coffee directly to taste. We believe that by having close contact with the farmers and our customers we can offer a perfect coffee experience that benefits everyone.

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We only buy and roast coffee that can be traced back to the farmer or cooperative. We know the producers, hear the story behind each harvest, and therefore know exactly how to roast the beans to provide you with a unique coffee experience.

Luijendijk Coffee roasters offers you a diversity of products, stories and tastes, always with a high quality. In addition, we adjust the roast of the beans to the machines used to make the coffee at the office or at home. This means you get the highest quality for your employees at the office and you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at home.

About us

Luijendijk Coffee roasters buys the coffee itself and keeps the roasting process under its own control in order to have as much influence as possible on the final product. We are convinced that much improvement is both necessary and possible in the way in which coffee is currently traded.

We do business based on the philosophy that a joint pursuit of high quality and transparency leads to fair prices and margins throughout the chain.

On to truly fair trade!

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Luijendijk coffee roasters

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