About us

About us

Roasting Company Luijendijk arose from the search for quality and fresh coffee. During the weekly searches as a hobby coffee lover it became clear that it is difficult to get really fresh coffee. So the decision was made to start roasting coffee ourselves, it never gets any fresher than that.

Building a roaster for home use turned out to be not easy but possible. After some work there was a fully functioning 1 kilo drum coffee roaster in the living room.

The very beginning

It started as a hobby: once a month to burn small quantities at home, friends and family became enthusiastic and work could hardly be combined with almost daily burning.

This was the moment when Branderij Luijendijk really started. Redmar Luijendijk quit his then job in September 2017 and took the step to focus entirely on roasting the coffee, now on a professional roaster.

Our search

We soon discovered the world behind the cup of coffee. In addition to the special flavours and the freshness of the roasted beans, another world opened up. A world where millions of farmers, professionals, traders, roasters and importers work very hard for the beautiful products we can drink here. But not everyone can make a living out of this trade. This has grown over the years so that many people in producing countries no longer see a future in the production of coffee. We believe that companies and consumers can change this. And this is exactly what Roasting Company Luijendijk is doing.

Our goal

We believe that if we go further in the cooperation than just certification, it will ultimately be possible for everyone in the chain to make a living from it. Only then will there be room for experimenting and improving the quality of the coffees, so that you can drink a great cup of coffee.

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