Brazil - Fazenda Pedra Preta Agroforestry Farm

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A coffee farmer with a dream: to make the coffee region of Careaçu the champagne region of coffee. As the largest protected natural area in Careaçu, Fazenda Pedra Preta plays an important role in the region's ecosystem. Mineral-rich soil, high altitudes and regenerative agroforestry farming produce a sustainable specialty coffee. Expect a wonderfully full, creamy espresso with notes of cocoa, bourbon vanilla and hazelnut.

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Luijendijk Coffee roasters has set itself the goal of purchasing a large proportion of its coffee in the coming years from producers who grow coffee in an agroforest/food forest or according to organic standards. In this way we want to contribute to nature conservation and biodiversity and we believe that this will benefit the taste. 

Eduardo was able to take over the farm in 2018. He never intended to do this because, like many young people, he saw no future in coffee. The low prices, increasingly difficult conditions due to climate change and the working conditions of the trade made it unattractive. Yet he made the move because during his studies in Coffee Economics and Science he saw that things could be different.

He believes in the agroforestry model as an engine for change. Financially, socially and for the environment. He can no longer see the conventional production of coffee separately from the problems that Brazil has today. This is why he wants to convert all 80 hectares of coffee to agroforestry in the coming years.

An agroforestry system consists of various crops that reinforce each other and can grow side by side. For the producers this means that they are no longer dependent on one crop and therefore have greater financial stability. In addition, the plants reinforce each other so that much less fertilizer and pesticides are needed which provides a healthier soil. The other crops - at Pedra Preta these are mahogany, macadamia, bananas and avocados - also provide shade for the coffee plants and shelter for an extensive fauna.

This year, Branderij Luijendijk is paying Eduardo a premium of € 1.98 per kilo. This will be used for further research into the possibilities of scaling up the agroforestry model in Brazil. This research has three goals: 1. how does the system mitigate the risks of climate change; 2. creating a business model for Brazilian farmers; 3. what is the social impact of implementing the agroforestry model in terms of food security, income and the local community.


Cacoa, bourbon vanilla, hazelnut

2022 - 2023

Fazenda Pedra Preta, Eduardo de Souza

Brazil, Mantiqueira de Minas, Careaçu

Roast Profile:
Medium - espresso

1300 metres

Processing method:
Natural, patio/ static drier dried

Mundo Novo, Arara

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