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This is the first year for Luijendijk that we have bought coffee from El Salvador via Cafecito central. This coffee was bought directly from the farmer who grows and processes the coffees. We tasted the coffees several times and one coffee kept surprising us. And that is this natural red bourbon produced by the Ortiz family. Expect a deliciously full coffee with flavours of plum, cocoa, cinnamon and honey.

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From the very beginning of coffee production in El Salvador, the Ortiz family has been involved in production. Now already the5th generation. Now Jaime has taken over from his father. It used to be a large farm that was divided among his children when his great-grandfather passed away.

Jaime has been working on the farm since childhood and in recent years has focused on more sustainable production: his farm is Rainforest Alliance certified. The varieties grown are Bourbon, Pacas, Pacamara, Castillo and Maragogype. We choose the Red Bourbon. A coffee known for its rich taste and produced as a specialty coffee. This is further emphasised by the natural processing.

Also worth mentioning is our partner José Lopez from Cafecito central. This Red Bourbon ended up at Branderij Luijendijk via him. A Brazilian who lived for a long time in Honduras and El Salvador and became friends with many producers. José pleasantly surprised us with his diversity of special coffees and we are very happy with this collaboration. Hopefully next year more from El Salvador and Honduras.


Plum, cocoa, cinnamon and honey


Cooperative / Farm:
Ortiz family - Finca El Guayabo

Origin :
El Salvador, Apaneca

Roast Profile :
Medium roast

1350 - 1400 metres

Processing method :

Cultivar :
Red Bourbon

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