Brazil - Fazenda Jardim Agroecológico

Our #2 coffee produced on an agroforestry plantation. This coffee is not only special for its flavors but also for the way it is grown. Roberto also uses biodynamic techniques. For example, they only harvest during the waxing and full moon and they use homeopathic methods (radionics and radiesthesia). Expect an intensely full-bodied taste with notes of stone fruits like peach, brown sugar and red apple.

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Luijendijk Coffee roasters has set itself the goal of purchasing a large proportion of its coffee in the coming years from producers who grow coffee in an agroforest/food forest or according to organic standards. In this way we want to contribute to nature conservation and biodiversity and we believe that this will benefit the taste.

Roberto Luiz Queiroz is for us the pioneer who grows coffee in natural symbiosis with more than 20 other crops. His work shows that another way of working is possible in Brazil. And that is desperately needed. He wants to challenge the conventional system, in which the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides is normal, by introducing organic methods. The restoration and preservation of nature is paramount in everything he does.

Besides his special vision and methods he also produces a nice variety namely Arara

Arara is a variety within the Arabica coffee. Species that fall within the Arabica group all have similar characteristics but also many differences. This can be the color of the berry, size of the bean, nutrients they need to grow, leaf size and very importantly, the natural resistance to diseases.

The Arara variety was created by crossing different strains in order to make the plant more resistant to climate change (drought and high temperatures) and at the same time produce a perfect "cup quality". It will not surprise you that this variety scores high in the rankings. And you can certainly taste that with this coffee.

Branderij Luijendijk has bought this micro lot to show what happens when you combine sustainable production methods with the best varieties. This gives us a taste of what we will see from Fazenda Pedra Preta.



Velvety, stone fruit, brown sugar and red apple


Cooperative / Farm:
Fazenda Jardim Agroecológico

Origin :
Brazil, Varginha

Roast Profile :
Medium - espresso

1300 metres

Processing method :
Natural, Organic (not certified)

Cultivar :

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