Hario - PRISM Aluminum coffee grinder black

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Hario PRISM is a hand grinder with ceramic grinding discs and a durable aluminium housing. Compact, lightweight, durable and always the perfect grind. Perfect for home and on the road.


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Minimalist design, with aluminium housing. A sturdy stainless steel handle is easily removable, making it perfect for . The base of the grinder, with its rubber bottom, is designed to stand firm and allows easy removal of the grind

Grinding discs

Ceramic discs provide even and consistent grinds, are durable, and positively impact the taste of your cup of coffee. You can use the grinder for a variety of brewing methods-whether you're an AeroPress user or a Chemex fan. The grind level is easily adjusted so you can enjoy your freshly ground coffee in no time, wherever you are.


The coffee grinder can be filled with 24 grams of coffee. This is enough for 1 or 2 persons.


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