Hario V60 glass Coffee drip 02 - Black

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Hario V-60 Dripper old fashioned filter coffee but with a new design and an improved extraction! With this Japanese gadget you can get the most out of your coffee in a simple and effective way. Surprise your friends with a rich taste and aroma of coffee, and the technique of preparing it!

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Hario V60-02 provides a one-time brew of 300 - 500 ml of coffee, which is enough for about 4 cups. The conical shape and special grooves on the inside of the filter holder ensure excellent extraction.

To prepare delicious coffee, you need high-quality freshly ground coffee, a filter, your favorite cup or server and scales. Place the filter in the holder and place it on the hario jug you use for serving coffee. The infusion process takes only 3-4 minutes. To make a perfect cup, we recommend 15 grams per 250 ml of water. Variations of this give a completely different taste, so nice to experiment with.

Another advantage of this method is extremely easy maintenance. Simply remove the filter after use and wash the filter holder in running water or in a dishwasher.

Package content:


  • Hario glass filter holder
  • coffee scoop

Filters and glass serving jug to be ordered separately

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