Wilfa - Uniform WSFBS-100B - automatic coffee grinder

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The Wilfa Uniform is made to let you enjoy possibly the best coffee every day! Among the advantages is a wide grind setting (especially recommended for filter brewing methods like chemex or Hario V60, but works for espresso too), built-in scale and accurate 58mm flat grinding discs.


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The Wilfa Uniform is recommended for filter brewing methods, but is certainly suitable for espresso as well. To change the grind setting, simply turn the top ring. The scale offers 41 settings that are easy to read and adjust.

The grinder has only one on/off button. The unit switches off automatically when there are no more coffee beans in the hopper.

Furthermore, the grinder is compatible with the Wilfa App. With this app, you can prepare your ideal coffee. By filling in the desired strength and the amount of water, you know exactly how many grams of coffee you need.

The app also provides tips on coffee grinding and pour overs, compiled by Tim Wendelboe, world champion Barista.


The housing is made of steel and aluminium. The minimalist design makes it a grinder that can be seen. Truly a beautiful and practical addition to your kitchen.

The large 58 mm grinding discs ensure that a lower rpm is needed to grind the coffee. This ensures that the coffee is never heated by the friction. This way you keep the best taste in the coffee. The mill also stops after the last bean has been ground.

The container for ground coffee is made of stainless steel. It prevents the static effect, so the coffee dust does not settle on the countertop. No mess!


The grinder also has integrated scales for perfect weighing of the coffee. With a measuring accuracy of 0.1 g you can make the perfect coffee.

The grinding discs are easy to reach. All you have to do is unscrew the upper part of the mill. Easy to clean.


Compatible with English Wilfa SVART application via Bluetooth connection.

In Norway, this model was crowned "Best Tested" with a grade of 9!

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