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You made it to the Buccaneer coffee & tea subscription page, welcome. Buccaneer Delft offers you a monthly package of awesome coffee or tea in your mailbox. Since we miss you around the offices we decided to bring a part of our perks to your home office. Your product of choise will be send to you for the coming six months.

When ordering, please use the code you received via Buccaneer and you will receive this package free of charge at your home. Please order 1 package per person and use your company emailadress.

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The products all contribute to agroforestry projects in Brazil or in the Netherlands. For the tea Branderij Luijendijk teamed up with Wilderland. This company’s goal is to regenerate the dutch “polders” by bringing back “(on) kruid” or weeds/herbs back into the fields. And with these herbs they make fantastic tea blends.

The coffee from Brazil will contribute to setting up a big plot of coffee farms based on the agroforestry methodology. This plot will use less water, less pesticides, less m2 while increasing yields. Expect a great cup of coffee with notes of caramel, chocolate and raisins.

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